Wobbler & Toddler

Our Wobbler Rooms offer lots of fun for this age group. This room is again spacious and cleverly designed to incorporate soft-play, messy play, and a wealth of interesting and exciting toys. Here we also have separate sleeping and changing areas. Again, to ensure protection for crawling wobblers, we ask you to respect our “no shoe” policy.

Our Wobblers enjoy an activity list of Arts and Crafts, baking, sand play, water play, outdoor time and music time to name but a few. Daily records are maintained by our staff in your child’s notebook detailing how much sleep your child has had, what they have eaten, activates done, nappy changes, and so on.

The Toddler Rooms at Kidz Akademy Crèche are bright, cheerful rooms with plenty of space for energetic toddlers to burn off all that excess energy! This room offers soft-play and messy play areas, as well as all the toys curious toddlers love. Adjoining is a changing area and training toilets. Toddlers in this room have their own access directly to the secure garden. 

Children in the Toddler Room also have Playschool activities during the morning. Playschool offers the pre-school child a gentle introduction to school routine. The focus here is on learning through fun: music, singing, art and crafts, books, messy play, role-play, and so on; all of which stimulate the child’s imaginative and creative side. Playschool aims to discover something new each day.